Fresh Mega XXL "Okinawa" Giant Squid @ Squid Boy!

31 May 2018



Ever had crispy squid that's as huge and wide as your arm? Look no further!

With original flavours and recipes from Taiwan, the newly opened Squid Boy serves up a variety of fresh and crispy fried squid, fried chicken, oyster mee sua, bento rice boxes and much more.

After their visit to Taiwan, the founders of Squid Boy fell in love with Taiwanese flavours and decided to recreate the magic here. Ingredients are directly imported from Taiwan while all Squid Boy recipes are 100% similar to the Taiwan version with a 90% similarity in taste.

Ever wondered how the hype for crispy squid came about? Due to an influx of Japanese cuisine in Taiwan, crispy squid quickly became a nationwide phenomenon and spread to neighbouring regions, Malaysia included.

What sets Squid Boy apart is their commitment to ultimate freshness, so much so that if you find the food to be stale or not to your liking, they will make a new batch for you, no questions asked.

Apart from their signature MEGA XXL "Okinawa" Giant Squid, we would highly recommend trying their Crispy Squid which is made from enormous squid weighing up to 20kg. We were amazed by the super succulent, fresh and sweet aftertaste, best eaten with any of their 6 sauces (our personal favourite: Thai chilli sauce).

In addition to squid, chicken lovers can try Squid Boy's popcorn chicken or crispy chicken which is served on it's own, or in a rice bento.

For a more hearty meal, dig into their fresh oyster mee sua, available in original and spicy soup versions. To complete the meal, simply add on RM2.80 for a drink.

Wait no more! Head on over to newly opened Squid Boy outlet to get some of that squid action!

Squid Boy is located at F1.MZN.02 (in front of TGV Cinemas).

*Squid Boy is pork free.

Want to munch on some squid?

Squid Boy is generously giving out a set of Popcorn Squid to 20 lucky winners!

This contest has now ended. Thanks to all who have participated.

We will pick the winner out of 55 contestants via lucky draw, and announce it on 15th of June, 2018.

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