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Ihope is the very first jewellery collection store in Malaysia that gathers hundreds of designer brands from around the world. The concept of iHope is to have designs that make the world a better place. The designers and wearers bring the jewellery to life in different ways and each jewellery has different story to tell. The designers are the authors and narrate their experiences, adventures and journeys through their designs. Once that piece is worn, the wearers can then rewrite the story to fit their own journeys and experiences, it can be fun and cute or wild and cool.

People with self-love often look for beautiful and unique pieces because each piece represents them differently. Hence, iHope brings in designs from all over the world to Malaysia to cater for the diversity of races, religions and cultures which are the elements that make Malaysians unique and beautiful.

Most importantly, iHope sincerely cares for every customer and value their feelings and voices. Not only we treat you like a friend, but we also use our special "mind decoding" skill to understand the true desire of each person's heart, and assist to customise their own Lucky Gem.

Why do we call ourselves iHope? It's because you are the HOPE itself, you are the soon-to-be created gem. Don't place your hope or depend on others, you are all you need for yourself. Be real, be true and believe in yourself. The HOPE is you.

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Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

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47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,


+60 3-7494 3100