In conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) and as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Sunway Pyramid continues the Together For Good: Community Building efforts by bringing in Autsome to increase public awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and support the community along with their families. We aim to provide an inclusive shopping environment through on-ground activities, exclusive privileges, facilities, workshops and others.


What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? Well, let us tell you all about it in this 2-min read.

Imagine your brain is taking a ride on a roller coaster. Sometimes it goes up, down and all of a sudden slow or fast. That’s how it is for each individual with autism whereby their brains are wired differently.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is actually a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects an individual’s conditions such as delayed language development, social interaction, repetitive behaviour and stereotyped actions like rocking back and forth.

If you’re thinking it’s a disease or illness that would spread. The answer is no! It’s all about how the brain works differently from other people and it’s something you’re born with. Once detected the individual could go through therapy that would help with the conditions mentioned earlier.

At Sunway Pyramid, we understand that everyone is different and that’s what makes us all unique and special in our very own way. Embrace who you are and be proud of yourself!


Meltdowns in public (shouting, crying, hitting etc.)
Unable to communicate using speech or appear to be deaf
Might cover ears due to sound sensitivity especially loud noises
Do not respond to name or instructions
Avoid eye contact with anyone around them
Do not respond when spoken to
Try to run away or hide
Behave unusually (hand flapping, excessive jumping, etc.)


Approach & gather information about the individual

If in no immediate danger, stay calm and approach cautiously, giving time and space. Try to avoid any physical restraint. Look for an ID and if there's none, use short and simple phrases to ask for the individual's

➡️ Name
➡️ Age
➡️ Picture/Physical Description
➡️ Emergency contacts
➡️ Allergies and dietary restrictions
➡️ Likes & dislikes

Contact our Customer Care or Security Guard /Auxiliary Police

Here are a few ways to get in touch with our team who are trained on handling any situations related to autism individuals.

➡️ Go the nearest Virtual Concierge located on Orange Concourse LG1, G, F and at The Link) to connet with our customer care through the emergency button.
➡️ Call Customer Care +603-7494 3100 / 3101 / 3102 or the 24-Hr Security Hotline +603-7494 3170.
➡️ Use the chatbox on the right side of our website

Know where are the concierges to take the individual

Main Concierge: G Floor below Lion Head
Marrakesh Concierge: LG2 near Blue Concourse

Guide them to our Sensory Walls

Sensory walls are a great tool to improve visual, auditory and tactile processing as well as encourage learning through exploration, curiosity and creativity.

It can also be used to help calm individuals on the Autism Spectrum to self-regulate their emotions and respond to sensory stimulation in more positive ways.

So where can you find them in Sunway Pyramid?





Did you know that Sunway Pyramid has retailers strongly spporting Autsome?


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