• What are the mall operation hours?

    Our mall operation hours are from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm. However, selected shops located along Oasis Boulevard may be open till later.

  • Where is the Concierge counter?

    Our Concierges are located at level GF in front of the Main Entrance and LG2 Marrakesh.

  • When I visit Sunway Pyramid can I get a copy of the mall brochure or directory?

    You may locate our tablet directories around the mall on each level. Alternatively, you may download our Sunway Pyramid Mobile App that features the mall directory as well as information about current events and promotions in the mall. For further assistance, our Concierge Counters are located on G Floor and LG2 Marrakesh*. *Opening hours for LG2 Marrakesh Concierge Counter: 11am - 9pm.

  • Who do I contact for assistance?

    For general inquiries or emergencies during mall operation hours, you may contact our Concierge at 03-74943100 or 03-74943102.

  • Does Sunway Pyramid provide free WiFi?

    Yes, we have free WiFi. To use, kindly sign-in with your Sunway Pals email address. If you are not a Sunway Pals member, kindly register at http://sunwaypals.com.my/ or proceed to the World of Sunway counter located on G Floor.

  • I’m planning to go to Sunway Lagoon. Where should I park?

    The best place to park would be at level B1, Blue Zone. Should you have difficulties finding available parking bays, other levels at Blue Zone is also a good choice. Use the elevator at Blue Zone to get to LG2 and allow the pathfinders to Sunway Lagoon.

  • How do I obtain the contact numbers of the shops in Sunway Pyramid?

    You may log on to https://sunwaypyramid.com/ or download our Sunway Pyramid Mobile App. For further assistance, our Concierge Counters are located on G Floor and LG2 Marrakesh*. *Opening hours for LG2 Marrakesh Concierge Counter: 11am - 9pm.

  • When does Artbox Malaysia: Assemble take place?

    Artbox Malaysia: Assemble takes place across two weekends on 6-8 September and 13-15 September 2019.

  • What time does Artbox Malaysia start and end?

    Artbox Malaysia: Assemble starts at 3pm and ends at 11pm.

  • Where is Artbox Malaysia located?

    Artbox Malaysia is located at Sunway City Outdoor Open Air Carpark that is situated right across Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

  • Do I need to purchase tickets?

    Artbox Malaysia: Assemble is free admission for everyone

  • What is the age limit for this event?

    There is no age limit for this event. Artbox Malaysia: Assemble is open to all Malaysians of all ages

  • Can I bring my kids along?

    Yes, Artbox Malaysia: Assemble is suitable for Malaysians of all ages and is a fun experience for the whole family!

  • How can I get to Artbox Malaysia?

    By Public Transport: 1) You may take the Kelana Jaya Line LRT from any station to USJ 7 station & interchange with BRT to Sunway Lagoon station 2) If you are taking the KTM, you may take the KTM from any station on the Port Klang Line to the Setia Jaya station & interchange with BRT to the Sunway Lagoon station.

  • Where can we park at Artbox Malaysia?

    If you choose to drive, you may: 1) Park at surrounding buildings such as: a) The Pinnacle Sunway b) Menara Sunway c) Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa d) Sunway Pyramid To avoid traffic and for an easier commute, you may: 1) Park at Sunway Geo and take the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) from SunMed station to Sunway Lagoon station or use the Canopy Walk to Sunway City 2) Park at SunU-Monash Station and take the BRT to Sunway Lagoon station or use the Canopy Walk to Sunway City

  • What can I expect at Artbox Malaysia?

    Artbox is a creative market that focuses on unique and artisanal food, beverages, clothing and accessories while also featuring fascinating art installations and performances by upcoming local musicians.

  • Are there halal food and beverages available?

    Yes, most of our food and beverage vendors are muslim-owned establishment or pork free with the non-pork free vendors being designated a separate zone within the premises.

  • Is there an express/priority lane to enter the event?

    Yes, there’s a priority lane available. However, the priority lane is only for senior citizens aged 55 and above, parents with children below 7 years old and disabled citizens.

  • Are there toilets available within the premises?

    There are portable toilets available near the exits.

  • Are there any ATMs located within the premises?

    There will NOT be any ATM or credit card machines available at the venue so we do advise that you bring sufficient cash for all purchases at the event.

  • What should I do in the event of an emergency?

    In the event of an emergency, do look for our team at the Help Centre located near the entrance, and they will assist you accordingly.

  • What is Sunway Pals cashless parking?

    In addition to earning and redeeming points which can be converted into cash rebates, this is where your Sunway Pals card can also be used for parking and pays for your parking fee at the selected locations.

  • How do I get it?

    Check for the Mobile Money logo at the back of your Sunway Pals card. If you have the card without the Mobile Money logo, replace your existing Sunway Pals card with one featuring the Mobile Money logo at the back of the card at the Sunway Pals Membership Counter on GF (near the Ice Skating Rink). The card can be replaced instantly for free upon presenting the existing card.

  • Where can I use it?

    Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, The Pinnacle, Pyramid Tower East Hotel, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, Menara Sunway, Sunway University, Kompleks BRT Sunway (coming soon) and Sunway Putra Mall (coming soon).

  • How do I use it to enter/exit?

    When entering and exiting the car park, tap and hold Sunway Pals card on card reader until you hear a ‘beep’.

  • What is the minimum amount I must have in my card?

    Minimum balance of RM10 must be available to enter parking.

  • How do I top up parking credit?

    STEP 1: Visit Sunway Pals Top Up kiosk beside the auto pay machines at selected locations. STEP 2: Insert Sunway Pals card into card holder. STEP 3: Check balance on screen. STEP 4: Insert notes to top up. STEP 5: Remove card

  • Where to top up the parking credit?

    Sunway Pyramid: Red Zone: CP2 – Preferred Parking, F, G, LG2, B1 Orange Zone: CP2, CP5, B1 Blue Zone: CP3, B1, B2 Sunway Pyramid East Tower Hotel: Lobby Level Sunway Resort and Spa: L11 Menara Sunway: Lobby Level Pinnacle: LGa Sunway University: B1 (coming soon) Kompleks BRT Sunway (coming soon)

  • What is the denomination of currency accepted at the Sunway Pals Top Up kiosk?

    We accept the denomination of RM5, RM10 & RM50.

  • What is the maximum amount I can top up?


  • Will I earn points when I top up?


  • Is there a surcharged when using this card?


  • Do I have to pay GST for the parking fee when using the Sunway Pals card?

    No. GST is already included in the parking rate and there is no additional GST when using the Sunway Pals card as there is no surcharge/service fee.

  • Can I transfer my parking credits?

    Parking credits are non-transferable.

  • Can I use the mobile app to pay for my parking fee?

    No. Only a Sunway Pals card featuring the Mobile Money logo can be used for the parking feature.

  • What do I do if there is a problem with the Sunway Pals card?

    Report to Sunway Pals Membership Counter in person or call 03-5633 3988.

  • Where can I check my parking credit balance?

    The balance can be checked at the Sunway Pals top up machine.

  • What will happen if I don’t use my card for Parking Transaction for more than 12 months?

    If there is no Parking Transaction for a period of twelve (12) consecutive months (“Dormant Period”), Sunway is entitled to deactivate the account for Parking Credits and Member may not be able to use Parking Credits to pay any parking fees. SPLSB shall levy an administrative fee of Ringgit Malaysia Five Only (RM5.00) (“the Deactivation Fee”) upon deactivation. This Deactivation Fee shall be deducted from the Parking Credits balance. SPLSB shall further levy a maintenance fee of Ringgit Malaysia Five Only (RM5.00) (“the Maintenance Fee”) at every succeeding six (6) monthly intervals after the Dormant Period if there is no Parking Transaction within said interval. This Maintenance Fee shall be continuously deducted from the Parking Credits balance until the Parking Transaction is resumed by the Member.

  • What do I do if I want a refund on my parking credit?

    Please proceed to Sunway Pals Membership Counter at Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid and fill a refund form. An administrative charge of RM5.00 will be levied before the final balance is refunded.

  • What do I do if I lose my Sunway Pals card with the parking credits?

    Report to Sunway Pals Membership Counter in person, by email or call 03-5633 3988.

  • Can I get a refund on my parking credit if I lose my card?

    Yes. Please proceed to Sunway Pals Membership Counter at Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid to discuss about the steps to take.

  • Can I use it for Sunway Pyramid Preferred Parking?


  • Does Sunway Pyramid have a loyalty card programme?

    Sunway Pals is a loyalty programme that rewards you with points and other special privileges on all your spending, from our participating merchants and selected Sunway Business Units. For more information, log on to www.sunwaypals.com.my.

  • Who is eligible to register for Sunway Pals membership?

    All residents of Malaysia including expatriates with permanent resident address, aged 18 years old and above.

  • Is there any membership fee?

    Membership is free.

  • Where can I sign up for membership?

    You can apply for physical card at Sunway Pals Membership counter at level Ground Floor, G1.96 opposite Dr. Martin boutique or you may sign up online at www.sunwaypals.com.my. You may also be able to go card less, by downloading the Sunway Pals apps for Android and iOS and register for membership.

  • What is the validity of the membership?

    There is no expiry of membership thus no renewal required. However, the points collected are subject to expiry date.

  • How many accounts can I have?


  • Where can I make inquiries regarding my membership account?

    You may proceed to the Sunway Pals Membership Counter at level Ground Floor G1.96 or you may call +603-56333988 from Monday – Sunday, 10AM-10PM and you may also send us an email at sunwaypals@sunway.com.my.

  • How does the Sunway Pals work in the mall?

    For our mall, you will be awarded with points for purchases made in any of the shops that are a participating merchant with Sunway Pals. Produce membership identification (i.e. Membership ID on mobile phone or card) when purchasing at participating merchants' outlet. RM1.00 = 1 point, unless otherwise stated. Accumulated points can later on be redeemed in the shops when you are purchasing. Refer to sunwaypals.com.my for shops list.

  • Will points be awarded on GST?

    Subject to merchant’s discretion.

  • Is the awarded point transferable to another membership account?


  • Can point award be shared for the same purchase/ receipt?

    No. Points from 1 purchase/ receipt are for 1 member only.

  • Can I earn points from previous purchase(s) or backdated receipt?

    Subject to merchant’s discretion.

  • Is there a minimum point's amount to be maintained?


  • What happen to my points when I refund my purchase?

    Subject to merchant's decision and their terms and conditions.

  • What is the validity of the point awarded?

    24 months from the date of purchase or upon membership termination.

  • Can I use awarded points right away?

    No. Points will be awarded after 3 calendar days from the date of purchase.

  • How do I redeem my points?

    1. Produce membership identification during purchase transaction. 2. Enter the desired amount of point to be redeemed. 3. Key in the Personal Identification Number (PIN). 4. Settle any payment balance, if any.

  • How is the point redemption calculated for purchase at participating Merchant's outlet?

    1 point = RM0.01 on first in, first out basis.

  • What is the minimum and maximum amount of points that can be redeemed?

    Any available point's amount, limited to total receipt value and subject to merchants' terms and conditions.

  • Do I get points for every point redemption?

    Yes, for every RM1.00 redeemed, you will get 1 point.

  • Are the redeemed points returnable or refundable should a member change or cancel his/ her decision?


  • Will GST be charged by shops to Members for redemption purpose?

    GST is charged for the purchase made by members purchase from shops.

  • Do I require a PIN for redemption?

    Yes, you need a PIN in order to perform redemption.

  • How do I get my PIN?

    Login to sunwaypals.com.my, click on ‘Login’, enter your login details and click on ‘update password/PIN’ to create your PIN number.

  • How do I change my password/ PIN?

    1. Login to Sunway Pals website and use Update Password/PIN' function 2. Password is for account access 3. PIN is for redemption 4. Update through website or Sunway Pals Membership Counter

  • What if I forgot my password?

    Use the 'Forgot Password' function at Member Login page of Sunway Pals website or via Sunway Pals mobile app, to reset the password.

  • Where can I check my points float and balance?

    Sunway Pals website Sunway Pals mobile application Sunway Pals Membership Counter Sunway Pals merchants during purchase transaction (limited check for points balance only)

  • What should I do if my points balance is incorrect?

    Please report to Sunway Pals Membership Counter with proof of purchase.

  • What should a member do when his/ her card is lost/ damage/ stolen or when he/ she suspected any case of membership identity theft?

    Report to Sunway Pals Membership Counter in person, by email or call the Customer Service Line at 03-56333988. Replacement card will be issued for RM6.00 (inclusive GST). Your information and point will be transferred to the new card.

  • How do I ensure no spam mail will be received from the Sunway Pals program?

    Email will only be received by members who gave their consent.

  • Where should I direct my concerns or queries in general?

    Sunway Pals Membership Counter or email us at sunwaypals@sunway.com.my.

  • My mobile phone ran out of battery and I did not bring my charger. Is there any way for me to recharge my phone in the mall?

    Yes. Sunway Pyramid provides power banks for loan. Kindly proceed to our Concierge Counters on G Floor or LG2 Marrakesh for more information.

  • Where can I loan the power bank?

    You may approach any one of our Concierges located at GF in front of the Main Entrance or at LG2, Red Zone inside Marrakesh.

  • Are there any charges for the power bank?

    A fully-refundable RM50 security deposit is required as well as your valid identification for security purposes.

  • Can I bring the power bank home?

    Our power bank is only meant for usage within Sunway Pyramid. Kindly return it before you exit the mall.

  • What if I forgot to return the power bank and accidentally took it home?

    Kindly contact our Concierge immediately at 03-7494 3100 or 03-7494 3102.

  • What if I drop the power bank and there are visible scratches or dents?

    As is the power bank is a complimentary amenity by Sunway Pyramid, we would appreciate if you could take good care of the item.

  • What should I do if the power bank stops functioning?

    Kindly contact our Concierge for immediate rectification and/or replacement.

  • Where are the lockers located?

    LG2, Blue Atrium behind Poh Kong jewellery.

  • What is the maximum storage time per locker?

    We do not encourage customers to keep things over night for safety & security reasons.

  • What is the size of the locker? How much does it cost?

    SMALL LOCKER Height : 25 cm Width : 32 cm Length : 42 cm Fee : 1 token (RM 5.00 per use), MEDIUM LOCKER Height : 70 cm Width : 43 cm Length : 42 cm Fee : 2 token (RM 10.00 per use), LARGE LOCKER Height : 105 cm Width : 43 cm Length : 42 cm Fee : 3 tokens (RM 15.00 per use).

  • How do I rent a locker?

    STEP 1 - Exchange cash notes to tokens by using token machine available next to the locker. STEP 2 - Insert tokens into the machine, put your baggage inside the locker and close the door. STEP 3 - Turn the key to the left and pull out the key. * Customers are not encouraged to keep valuable / digital items inside the locker for safety reasons.

  • What will happen if I lost/misplaced the locker key?

    A fine of RM50 will be imposed. Proceed to the nearest Concierge or call 03 - 7494 3100 or 03 - 7494 3102 to report the loss. A Customer Care personnel and/or Auxiliary Police will accompany you to retrieve your belongings from the locker. Please note that a picture of your items in the locker will be taken as a proof of documentation.

  • Can the locker be used multiple times?

    No. Therefore, after locking, you may only open the locker when you want to retrieve your item.

  • Are there baby changing facilities in Sunway Pyramid?

    Yes, there are! The baby rooms are located on - Ground Floor Red Zone, behind Sole What - Lower Ground 1 Orange Zone behind Marry Merry - Lower Ground 1 Red Zone behind Tare - Lower Ground 2 Orange Zone behind Hair Fonts - Lower Ground 2 Red Zone behind Ah Cheng Laksa

  • What are the operating hours of the Baby Rooms?

    From 10.00am till 10.00pm.

  • Are there any nursing room?

    Yes. Our baby room are equipped with a nursing room for you to comfortably nurse your baby.

  • What are the facilities available in the Baby Room?

    Our baby rooms are equipped with a hot water machine to prepare milk, jumbo paper towels, plastic bags for diaper disposal and calm music to relax while bonding with your baby. A cleaner is designated to ensure cleanliness and a high level of hygiene in our baby rooms. Should you require assistance, approach our mobile Customer Care personnel.

  • Can my husband accompany me in to the baby room?

    Yes, he may. However, it is not advisable for him to be in the nursing room.

  • What are the parking rates?

    Sunway Pyramid Mon to Fri (1st 3 Hours = RM2.00, Every sub hr or part thereof = RM1.00, Maximum = RM12.00), Sat, Sun, Eve of Public Holiday & Holiday (1st 2 Hours = RM3.00, Every sub hr or part thereof = RM1.00, Maximum = RM15.00, Lost ticket = RM20.00), Valet and Outside Parking (Flat rate RM 15.00) *Please note that Touch & Go users will be charged 10% extra.

  • I am watching a midnight movie. Can I park in the mall?

    Our carpark is open from 6am - 2am. However, we do not encourage you to leave your vehicle overnight. If you must, please visit one of our Carpark Helpdesk to fill in the Vehicle Requisition Form.

  • Do you have any exclusive or premium parking area?

    Yes, we do. To access the Preferred Parking zone, you may proceed to level CP2 Red Zone or B1 Red Zone. For easy access to the upper floors, use the ramp up to our car park; through our upper level CP4 Entrance (from Subang Jaya) or CP2 Entrance (from Kuala Lumpur).

  • What are the charges for Preferred Parking?

    1st 2 hours = RM5.00, Every Sub hr or part thereof = RM2.00, Maximum = No limit

  • What is the payment method for the Preferred Parking?

    You may use your Touch & Go card (exclusive of 10% tax) or Sunway Pals card (inclusive of 6% tax).

  • Do you have valet/jockey parking and where is it located?

    Along the Oasis Boulevard area outside of the mall.

  • Do you have designated Disabled Parking bays?

    Yes, we have a total of 22 disabled parking bays! You may locate them at: Red Zone - GF, LG2, B2 Blue Zone - CP2, CP3, CP4, B1, B2 Green Zone - CP2, CP3, CP4, LG2 (Upper)

  • Am I eligible to park at the Disabled Parking zone?

    The person driving the vehicle should have a valid & visible handicapped sticker placed on the windscreen.

  • What are the Carpark Helpdesk operation hours?

    The Carpark helpdesk operation hours are 8.00 am – 4.00 am daily.

  • Where are your carpark helpdesks located?

    Our carpark helpdesks are located on Level CP3 Orange Zone and Level B1 Blue Zone. If you have difficulties in locating them, kindly contact them at 03 7494 3185.

  • Are there any EV or Hybrid Charging Stations in the mall?

    Electric Vehicle (EV) and Hybrid charging stations at located at B1 Preferred Parking on a first come, first served basis!

  • Is family parking available?

    Yes, our family parking bays are located in the Preferred Parking at level CP2 & B1.

  • Where can I reload my Touch N Go in the mall?

    There are two Touch N Go machines in the mall, which are located at CP2 Orange Zone (next to SunMed Clinic) and B1 Blue Zone (near to CK Dental).

  • Is there a Surau or Muslim Prayer Room in Sunway Pyramid?

    Yes. The Surau is located at: - Lower Ground 1 at Orange Zone, behind Marry Merry - Lower Ground 2 at Orange Zone, behind Hair Fonts

  • Does the Surau provide Praying Mat and female Telekung (praying attire)?

    Yes. Both items are available in the Surau.

  • Should I worry about my belongings while in the Surau?

    We would like to advise you to take care of your belongings and ensure that your belongings are within sight during prayer to avoid misfortune or loss.

  • Are baby strollers / wheelchairs / power scooters available for rent?

    Yes. These amenities are complimentary for use in the mall premises.

  • Are there any fees incurred to hire a Baby Stroller/Wheelchair/Power Scooter/other amenities?

    Usage is free. A refundable deposit is required for the amenities as stated below: - Baby Stroller – RM 50 - Tandem Stroller (Double Stroller) – RM 100 - Power Scooter – RM200 - Wheelchair – RM 50 - Mobile Walker for Elderly – RM 50 - Power Bank – RM 50 - Nursing Scarf – RM 50 - Milk Warmer – RM 50 - Wristlink – RM 50 - Sewing Kit – FOC (Must return after use) - Ladies Emergency Kit – FOC - Baby Diaper – FOC - Adult Diaper – FOC - Wristband (for kids / elderly) – FOC - Emergency Contact Tattoo - FOC

  • Where do I loan the Baby Stroller / Wheelchair / Power Scooter?

    Kindly proceed to our Concierge located at Ground Floor in front of the Main Entrance or at LG 2, Marrakesh.

  • May I make a reservation for the amenities?

    Yes, reservations are available. You may contact us to reserve a maximum of 20-30 minutes prior to arrival. If you do not arrive within 20-30 minutes of the reservation, the amenities will be released to other customers on a first come first serve basis. Kindly call us at 03-7494 3100 or 03-7494 3102 for reservation.

  • May I use the amenities for the entire day?

    The duration per usage shall not exceed four (4) hours and must be returned before 9.30PM.

  • Will I get back my deposit after returning the amenities?

    Yes, you will get back the deposit*. *Subject to terms & conditions of usage. Items must be returned in good condition.

  • May I use the amenities at Sunway Lagoon/Sunway Hotels?

    Our amenities are meant for usage only within Sunway Pyramid as it is not suitable for outdoor usage.

  • What is the age and weight limit for the baby stroller?

    Our baby strollers are suitable for children below 4 years old or below 15kg.

  • May I know if I am eligible to use the wheelchair or power scooter?

    The wheelchairs and power scooters are prioritised for the physically disabled, elderly, pregnant ladies as well as those with walking difficulties.

  • Is there a Lost and Found counter in Sunway Pyramid?

    Yes, all lost and found items are handled by our Concierge.

  • How do I report a lost item?

    Proceed to any of our Concierges to inform. Our Customer Care Personnel will need your full name and contact details for documentation purposes. Kindly provide a full and precise description of your lost item for easy verification by the personnel. If your item has been found, you may proceed with the claim process.

  • I found an item somewhere inside the mall. Who should I hand it to?

    You may approach any of our Concierges to hand in the item. Our Customer Care Personnel will take down your name and contact details for documentation purposes. Some owners may want to thank you for returning their item, however, your contact number will only be revealed with your consent. At the same time, if you wish to remain anonymous, we respect your decision.

  • What is the process for claiming a lost and found item?

    You will need to verify that item belongs to you. For example; if it is a hand phone with security lock, you will be asked to unlock it. For other items, you will be asked to describe the contents of the item. After verification, you will need to write down your full name, identification and contact number for documentation purposes.

  • Can I claim lost and found items on behalf of my family member or friend?

    We advise the owner of the item to collect the item themselves personally, however if the person is unable to be present, do not hesitate to contact us beforehand to inform us that you will be collecting the item on his/her behalf. You will be required to provide related information upon claiming

  • I made a lost item report a few days ago however I did not receive any updates from Sunway Pyramid. Why is this so?

    It is highly likely that your item has not been found. Feel free to contact our Concierges via phone or walk in for confirmation.

  • I often visit Sunway Pyramid with my toddlers and I am always worried about their safety. How can Sunway Pyramid help me with this?

    Child safety in the mall is one of our main priorities. For parents with toddlers, feel free to get a Child Wristlink, Child Emergency Tattoo and Wristband from any of our Concierges located at GF in front of the Main Entrance or at LG2 Marrakesh.

  • What does a child wristband, wristlink and tattoo do?

    A child wristband is part of Sunway Pyramid’s effort in ensuring that a lost child can be reunited with their parents as soon as possible in the event that they accidentally parted ways in the mall. Our Customer Care Personnel will guide you to write your contact details on the wristband. The child wristlink is a band that keeps your child close to you at all times. As for the child emergency tattoo, it has the mall's emergency contact information and can be placed on your child's arm in case of emergencies.

  • Does Sunway Pyramid provide gift wrapping services?

    You may approach any one of our Concierges located at GF in front of the Main Entrance or at LG2, Red Zone inside Marrakesh.

  • What is the fee for the wrapping service?

    The wrapping service is complimentary.

  • What are the terms & conditions for the wrapping service?

    The item brought to us for wrapping must be bought in one of the outlets in our mall.

  • Do I have to buy or bring my one wrapping paper?

    We provide wrapping paper along with ribbons and greeting cards, but, if you want to bring your own choice of items, feel free to do so.

  • Is the wrapping service available at all time?

    Yes. The wrapping service is available all year long during mall operation hours.

  • How long does the wrapping service take?

    Wrapping might take up to 30 minutes depending on the availability. During the festive season, the waiting time might be extended. Kindly leave your contact details with us and we will contact you once the item is ready.

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