Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Supported by Sunway Pyramid

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At Sunway Malls, we believe in playing our part to build a more equitable and resilient world for the community and generations to come through practicing and advocating for the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDGs).

Sunway Malls’ Together For Good campaign, launched in 2022, focuses on championing eight of the SDGs through six of our initiatives; Green Lease, Sustainable Operations, Waste Management, Green Procurement, Community Building and Urban Farming.

At Sunway Pyramid we’ve been committed to supporting sustainability through these efforts such as having The Farm, Autsome, Food CPR, Kloth Cares and many more.


Sunway Malls works with Kloth Cares to raise awareness and encourage the practice of recycling fabric so that we can reduce the waste diverted to landfills.

Kloth Cares aims to keep old and unwanted clothes out of landfills and distribute them to be repurposed into various useful items.

By having the Kloth Cares bin at Sunway Pyramid, you can be part of this initiative now and drop off your unwanted garments at Sunway Pyramid (CP3 Orange Zone), near Moobeeii Art Garden.


Sunway Pyramid is on a sustainable journey to reduce its carbon footprint by managing food waste more responsibly. With large amounts of food waste generated daily by F&B tenants, the mall invested on an onsite food composting machine to convert waste into a new source of life.

The compost is packed and ready for public collection at designated spots:

- Sunway Pyramid, LG2 The Farm (Behind Jollibee)
- Sunway Pyramid, B1 Blue Zone (Opposite CK Dental)

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We believe in creating new life from waste materials by turning it into art. Waste materials such as discarded wood, old window panes, props and structures from past events are upcycled and repurposed to create installations in Sunway Pyramid as part of efforts to reduce waste.

The Gadis Metropolis mural was created using over 1.000 plastic bottles sponsored by Elka Sdn. Bhd. to promote the importance of recycling and to create awareness to stop pollution. The featured recycled bottles give the art installation a 3D effect and send a message of sustainability in art.

Check out Gadis Metropolis at F Floor (Next to Don Don Donki)


Sunway Smart Parking is a fully unified system which leverages on several cashless payment options. A cashless and ticketless parking system advocates for going paperless and is part of our digitalisation journey to reduce our carbon footprint. It also enables us to provide our customers with a hassle-free experience when paying for parking fees.

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In collaboration with Rigel Technology, Sunway Pyramid is the host of Malaysia’s first digitally enhanced washroom system. The smart toilet uses a centralised Internet of Toilet (IoT) system using data collection which helps to lower costs, reduce downtime, and responsibly consume water for a more sustainable output.


The ‘Autism is Awesome’ initiative, also known as Autsome, is one of Sunway Malls’ commitment to support SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities and SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities. Autsome aims to educate, advocate and celebrate those with ASD and their families. Our initiatives encourage the awareness and acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with the wider public as we strive to create an inclusive experience for all; our customer care team have received proper training to welcome and care for customers with ASD.

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Our indoor farming system called The Farm promotes sustainable and responsible food production. The Farm leverages on aquaponics and hydroponics to sustainably use natural resources and to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions. This green urbanisation initiative converts unutilised space into an urban garden that provides a healthy food source.


In our commitment to SDG 7, 11 and 13, Sunway Pyramid installed solar panels to harness clean and renewable energy to power selected operating systems. We made this investment to sustainably increase our use of clean energy and to responsibly reduce our carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.


Sunway’s Green Lease Partnership Programme invites all tenants to implement international practices of operating sustainability. The Green Lease encourages fair cooperation and shared responsibility between all parties (landlords, tenants and investors) as we share the same dream in achieving sustainability goals for the greater good. Through the Green Lease agreement, we responsibly manage energy and water usage.


Sunway Malls practices Green Procurement which ensures that we consider the cost of products and services alongside the environmental and social impact throughout its entire lifecycle. We advocate for using eco-friendly products and services, as well as the protection of human rights in everything that we do as leading retail organisation to preserve natural resources, protect our workers, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Retailers' Initiatives


Return and Recycle your used empty bottles at the Innisfree store and be rewarded.


Receive complimentary gifts when you return full-size empty bottles to any Kiehl's outlet.

The Body Shop

Bring back your empty bottles and earn a discount on your next purchase or start a Refill Revolution


Bring your own shopping bag when you shop at Sephora.


Be part of the Bring-It-Back, Re-wrap and Charity Pot Coin that support the community and environment.


Donate any unwanted clothing and textiles, from any brand, while you shop there.


Gather your unwanted clothes or home textiles - any brand, any condition.


Send in your used bras for their annual Bra Recycling Campaign.


Implementing the All-Product Recycling Initiative by gathering unwanted clothes from shoppers.


Bring your own Starbucks tumbler to the nearest outlet today and receive an RM2 discount.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Switching plastic straws to biodegradable, edible, and 100% turtle-friendly edible rice straws.

An Viet

Go zero waste by choosing the rice or noodles portion and donate to their Food Aid Foundation.


Bring your own bag and use the Naturals Refill Station


Producing products made from recyclable materials, that can be recreated, and that are inspired by nature.

Cotton On

Buy tote bags and gifts for purchase, where all donations and funds will be contributed 100% to UNICEF.


Kloth Cares fabric recycling bins are now available at Zara outlets.

Pull & Bear

"Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle!" with Kloth Cares here.


More than 75% of footwear, from shoelaces to shoe soles, is composed of recycled PET.


Using cork as a material which can be harvested again without destroying the tree.


By reusing existing plastics, yarns and textiles, Nike significantly reduces their emissions.


Forever Better is where PUMA uses sustainable materials such as recycled rubber and polyester in collections.

Claire Organics

Claire Organics' #GOGREENwithClaire campaign encourages everyone to recycle by collecting all used bottles.


Big Little Things programme lets you bring in your beauty empties to be recycled at any participating stores


Be part of BACK 2 M.A.C. take back programme, returning 6 empty M.A.C container and get a lipstick.