Did you know? Research shows that Malaysians contribute to more than 16,000 tonnes of food waste daily, enough to feed 12 million hungry mouths three meals a day. The shocking figure continues to worsen during the festive seasons by 15 to 20 percent.

In an initiative to manage food waste effectively, Sunway Pyramid has invested in a food composting machine to convert food waste from tenants into compost.

“Sunway Group is committed to advancing the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, one of which is halving Malaysia’s food waste by 2030 – a pledge made by our local government. If we, the nation, continue at our current rate, this pledge would not be met. The ‘COMPOST. PLANT. REDUCE’ campaign is one of our clear commitments to changing food waste habits in Malaysia,” said HC Chan, Chief Executive Officer of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks.

Join in our fun activities by downloading the Sunway Pyramid Mobile App to participate!

  1. Compost Collection

    Use the compost generated by Sunway Pyramid’s Food Compost Machine for gardening and planting!
    *Usage of compost may yield differing results, subject to individual plant species or condition.

  2. Pot Decorating & Seed Planting

    Kick start your sustainable journey at our Food CPR area by getting hands on and sowing seeds in your very own decorative pots!

  3. Redemption

    Redeem seeds to grow and give life to new plants in your home, garden or office!

Together, we can reduce the amount of waste generated to our landfills for a more sustainable environment. Small changes can make a huge difference, and it starts with a few simple steps!


Bring home a bag of compost from our Food CPR Station for gardening or planting purposes.

How To Use Our Compost

Enhance Soil for Potted Plants

Dig a small hole in the soil 5cm away from the plant, fill the hole with 2 tbs of compost & cover it up

Enhance Soil for Rooted Trees

Dig a small hole in the soil 10cm away from the plant, fill the hole with 4 tbs of compost & cover it up

Make Compost Pot Mix

Mix soil with compost (2:1 ratio) and let it dry under the sun for at least 2 weeks before use

Seeding New Plants

Fill pot with soil & 1 tbs of compost, let nutrients absorb for a week before planting seeds

*Usage of compose may yield different results, subject to individual plant species or condition.
*Compose may be derived from various meat-based and/or non-halal food substances.


Sign the Pledge

By signing this e-pledge, I commit to:

  1. Consume responsibly by finishing the food on my plate
  2. Reduce single-use plastics by bringing reusable utensils and containers to malls, stores and restaurants
  3. Go green by carpooling or ride-hailing with my loved ones
  4. Recycle my packaged products responsibly by allocating waste into proper bins or participating in recycling programmes

I will join Sunway Pyramid to make a difference for our planet and environment.

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