Experience the epitome of luxury at Sunway Pyramid's transformative expansion.

Delight in a world of prestige with top-tier brands and unparalleled accessibility. Await the grand reveal of the 'Oasis' — a chic sanctuary featuring global and local fashion, indulgent beauty, and exquisite home furnishings.

Stay tuned for upgraded facilities and contemporary designs, promising an unforgettable journey. Redefine your shopping experience at Sunway Pyramid!


With this fresh new look, you can experience even more wonders such as upgraded facilities, modern Neo-Egyptian finishes, and a refreshed aesthetic, inviting all to explore these unique moments. Stay tuned for all-in-one necessities at Sunway Pyramid. Until then, it's business as usual.

Asked Questions

The enhancement is expected to be ready by Oct 2024.
*Subject to change

The stretch from Blue Atrium to Orange Atrium

Shops will be relocated to various areas and has been updated in our directory system. *Subject to change

Adding in a new chapter to the story of Sunway Pyramid, this area will be transformed into an all-new contemporary space for you to explore. Hence, it will be called 'Oasis'' to provide better accessibility, deluxe brands and many more, right here at Sunway Pyramid. Soon, you shall explore the 'Oasis'


We will be enhancing the space around the Blue Zone Elevators at F Floor, Ground Floor, Lower Ground 1, and Lower Ground 2 hence you will not be able to access these floors from 21 February onwards.

The Blue Zone elevator can still be used to access CP2 - CP7, and B1. You can opt to enter the mall through B1 and or head to the Orange Zone elevators. Lion would like to apologise for the inconvenience.