Ninjago Academy: Save The Dragons

Our new young heroes must train to become Spinjitzu Ninja in order to save the dragons from the Claw Hunters. Dragons have the source of energy, as well as to amplify the Ninjas' powers. The Ninjas will also learn that they will develop special bonds with the Dragons.

So, the journey begins with Ninjago Academy together with Lloyd and his ninja students to explore this new merged world, grow as a Ninja team, and develop as individuals to save the dragons. Ninjago Academy is all about celebrating the incredible, unlikely, sometimes unexpected (but always epic) things we can achieve when we find a special connection with someone.

It's all about teamwork! It's about that spark of magic between you and a friend (or dragon) that turbocharges something inside you both, driving you to greatness.

What are you waiting for? Join the Ninjago Academy and unleash your full potential!

Become a Ninja Master!

The Armoury

Embark on a journey to be a Ninja trainee and build your weapons here.

If you want to save dragons and fight evil forces, you're going to need a weapon! Begin your ninja journey by building your weapon at The Armoury. Now you're ready to save the dragons!

Endurance Challenge

Keeping momentum is the key! Training yourself to have the ability and strength to reach the top.

Power-Up Spinjitzu

Unlock your elemental powers through the art of Spinjitzu!

Agility Power

Here, the dragon power are hidden at different places. Once the Ninja has collected all their dragon power, they would be able to advance to the next level.

Get Your Own Ninjago Academy Minifigures

Get your own LEGO Ninjago Academy Minifigures when you complete your ninja training!

Mascot Appearance

Meet Kai and strike your best ninja pose!

Get Your Ninja Starter Pack

If you want to be a ninja, you need to look the part. Register to get a Ninjago Headband and your Mission Card.

Win a LEGO Set

Step 1:Spot and count the total number of Dragon NRG Cores.
Step 2: Scan the QR code provided at the event

Closest guess will stand a chance to win exclusive prizes.

Exclusive Merchandise

Redeem an exclusive LEGO NINJAGO Notebook from 23 May to 5 June by downloading the Sunway Pyramid mobile app and click to collect the voucher on the Rewards tab, before showing the voucher to Sunway Pyramid staff at LG2 Orange Concourse to redeem.


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