4 Fun Ways To Make The Popular Dalgona!

25 Mar 2020

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Lion saw the dalgona trend on the Internet recently and it made Lion crave for a cup too! For those who don't know, Dalgona coffee is named after a famous Korean street candy of the same name in South Korea known as ppopgi.

It is a candy similar to toffee or honeycomb that's placed on a stick, but it has now become a viral caffeinated version as seen on TikTok and even on YouTube food channels.

The recipe comprises of only 3 ingredients (coffee powder, sugar and water) and a precise number of whisking of 400 times (though Lion would suggest getting a hand mixer to save your arm from soreness).

Ready to get started? Lion has searched the Internet to find some creative interpretations of the Dalgona trend!

Here‘s a compilation we have made just for you to view! Enjoy!


Credits to: Joly Poa

For those who has not tried the coffee version, Lion followed this page and it was super easy to make. Lion recommends this!


(Credits to Rie Dubbie)

Chocolate lovers would love this! Lion was like browsing around and wanted to try chocolate and behold, this! It's super yummy. And kids love it!


(Credits to AimanOfficial)

Not a coffee person? Why not try a local favourite, Milo! Lion has tried this but Lion spent so much time whipping and it didn't go the way Lion expected. Then, Lion watched this video, only to find out there's more ingredients to actually help the mixture fluff up like a regular Dalgona. Try it!


For Matcha lovers, Lion recommends this! This combination is superb as the the earthy matcha and the refreshing milk creates a flavourful harmony for your taste buds!

Lion also managed to find some Instagram worthy Dalgona shots, so behold!

These are some of the Dalgona variations we have found on YouTube. Lion has tried some of these so why don’t you try when you‘re at home? Remember to add #LionLovesDalgona so that Lion can find you!

Don’t forget to share your creations with Lion!!

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