4 Wonderful Reasons Why You Should Eat @ The Loaf

18 Feb 2020

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Lion has just visited the place and as you know it, Lion loves to eat. Lion feels like having bread today though. I heard from my friends that there is this new bakery place right located near to AEON’s entrance. Lion’s friend told me that this place, The Loaf Sunway Pyramid has not only good breads and pastries but also instaworthy food and drink. So follow Lion to find out what The Loaf Sunway Pyramid offers – is more than just a bakery?

Lion chatted with the Operations Manager Tony and Chef Johnson. It’s truly inspiring how they began and brought it back to the market again. The Loaf was born out of interest when Japanese bakeries were scarce in Malaysia. Not to mention, our current prime minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohammed was a fan of Japanese bakery. This is where The Loaf was born to introduce Japanese bakery to all Malaysians. Chief Baker, Mr. Johnson married the intricate details and techniques of Japanese baking while offering a flavor that is uniquely Malaysian. Majority of their ingredients are sourced from countries like Belgium, France as they believed quality is the best that they can offer to their customers.

Your favourite things are back!

Oyaki. Pastries. Bread They are back in business! If you’re wondering Oyaki is, it is a type of Japanese dumpling that is made from fermented buckwheat dough and is commonly found in Nagano prefecture of Japan. What Chef Johnson did was borrowing the idea of Oyaki,combined with the local preference for soft buns and at the same time creating authentic flavours. They have many flavours,which among the popular ones would be their cranberry cream cheese, oreo and lemon cream cheese.

Over at the bread department, The Loaf Sunway Pyramid has always excelled in providing different types of soft bread for you to sink your teeth into it. It has different sweet to savoury options to cater to many. Don’t forget their pastries! While it has a rocky looking exterior, you will be greeted by a crispy texture that is pleasant to your tastebuds. Not to mention, it is also has a softness as you keep chewing it. Some of their popular ones like the chocolate crossaint, apple cheese Danish pastry and chicken mushroom pie are definitely worth a try.

Affordable Prices

If price concerns are a factor, you’ll be surprised that The Loaf Sunway Pyramid is reasonably affordable for many out there who are concerned about keeping it to their budget. For a main meal along with a drink, you can rest be assured that will cost under RM20 to keep your tummy filled and satisfied.

Their breads and snacks are very filling and able to keep you filled for RM10 or less if you’re always on the go. A snack bar chiller was introduced for those who are always on the go. Mr. Tony highlights that as Malaysians like to have food on the to go, he ensures that the prices of snacks are kept within affordable range. At the same, The Loaf Sunway Pyramid offers quality snacks so that even when you’re on the rush, the meal is very enjoyable.  

Hearty Meals to Find a Way to Your Stomach

Now you’ll be surprised that The Loaf Sunway Pyramid actually has great food as well. Ranging from local delicacies to western cuisine, there’s something for everyone to eat. Starting with their popular Ayam Percik, a Malaysian version of BBQ chicken that is a sure crowd pleaser. The chicken is marinated with spices that are earthy, rich while keeping it tangy inside your mouth. 

Their other star dish, Laksa Utara, has complex taste of sweet, sour, spicy and savoury, yet the ingredients are not drowned all those flavours. Each of the flavours in the broth are balanced, sparking a refreshing taste without being overpowering. The bouncy noodles and crispy vegetables enhances the Laksa Utara by offering a different texture. 

Last and certainly not the least, is their Murtabak Cheese. Instead of your usual roti covering the meat filling, they actually use bread with cheese on top. The filling is your traditional chicken filling that can you find in a normal Murtabak. It resulted an interesting fusion twist and it tastes super yummy with a strong, creamy and pepperish chicken filling mellowed down by the bread topped with cheese for that extra savoury flavour. 

Drinks For You!

Their coffee is a blend of roasted beans from Indonesia, Australia & South America to create a strong yet satisfying feel. It is certainly a joy for those who enjoy coffee. They also have cappuccinos and lattes available for those who prefer something with dairy. Try their chocolate drinks that are sourced from Belgium, offering a smooth and creamy taste as though you are enveloped by something fuzzy. They have excellent choices of tea as well for tea lovers, not to mention their cold drinks. Try it out and you may be surprised.

The Loaf Sunway Pyramid caters to everyone from different walks of life. The kiosk was also designed to make it feel as though you are home as they want you to feel comfortable. Don’t say Lion never tell. Go and try it!

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