Top 9 Unique, Exclusive F&B Shops in Sunway Pyramid

03 Apr 2017



Need some makan ideas @ Sunway Pyramid?

Check out these top 9, unique restaurants that can only be found here!

Chizu – LG1.08

Imagine – freshly brewed tea, infused with a layer of delicious cheese! The newest ‘yumcha’ place in town, Chizu, stands for ‘cheese’ in Japanese, and serves specially handcrafted Japanese cheese beverages, desserts and more.

*Pork Free

Hana Dining & Sake Bar – OB2.G.U1

An authentic Japanese dining experience awaits you at this modern Japanese dining & Izakaya concept bar from Taipei. Not to be missed: their signature Salmon on Fire maki, Hana Sushi Moriawase and Wagyu Teppanyaki!

*Pork Free

Hungry Bunch – F1.75

For affordable western and local fare, head on over to the cosy Hungry Bunch! Their signature dishes include the Cheesy Baked Nasi Lemak, Hawaiian Chicken Chop, Pasta Marinara & Eggs Atlantic!

*Pork Free

Impressoul – SPWG002

Led by multi-award winning chef Ken Kwanhaeng Cho and Iron Chef S.K. Choi, Impressoul Gastrology features Korean-Japanese fusion cuisine that is deliciously soulful. Located at the Ground Floor entrance of Sunway Pyramid West, the interior of Impressoul Gastrology is a unique mix of vibrant contemporary elements with cozy, rustic hues.

*Pork Free

Poké Bear – LG1.110

The latest health trend in town – Poké (pronounced Po-Keh) is a traditional Hawaiian dish made with fresh cubed raw fish, marinated and seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil and other ingredients.

At Poké Bear, each bowl is made using only the freshest ingredients such as imported salmon, tuna, shrimp and taco.

*Pork Free

Sanoook – SPWG004

Sanoook is inspired by a love affair with Thai and Japanese cuisine. ‘Sanook’ means ‘fun’ in Thai. We added another ‘O’ to represent a circle of friendship…Hence, Sanoook means having fun together with friends! Our belief – A good meal can turn strangers into friends, strengthen friendships, and bring solace to a bad day.

*Pork Free

Sho Kushiage – LG2.28

Tonkatsu, as we know it, is a slab of juicy pork loin, generously covered in bread crumbs and deep-fried to crispy perfection.

Did you know? Tonkatsu also means Victory or ‘Good Luck‘ to the Japanese. Taking inspiration from this, the owners of the newly opened Sho Kushiage decided to reintroduce Tonkatsu as the highlight of the dining experience.

Sho Kushiage serves a variety of Tonkatsu and Japanese cuisine, from premium pork cutlets to crispy corn rolls and beef udon.


Slappy Cakes – SPWF001

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Slappy Cakes decided to combine two favourite restaurant activities: eating brunch and do-it-yourself cooking.

Since opening in 2009, Slappy Cakes has become one of the most popular breakfast spots by offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience in a fun and interactive setting. Prepare for loads of fun as you make your own pancakes right at your table, your style!

*Pork Free

Tulip’s Café by That Latte Place – LG2.88

For ultimate comfort food, drop by Tulip Café for their up all-day brunch, yummy waffles and saucy pasta. What’s awesome about this place: parents can chill out while kids play in the kids’ corner, complete with books, toys and more!


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