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Despite all the fancy and high-class dining experiences that people can find in Sunway Pyramid today, people have always harbored a surprising fondness for the local tastes that they ate growing up. Traditional favorites have long ingrained itself into the taste bud of every person, regardless of which social class you are in, be it the rich man and his craving for the decadent roadside Ramly burger or a simple office worker looking forward to a hearty lunch of char koey teow.

Ah Cheng Laksa is one of those establishments that brings out the best in a local delicacy and transport the eater on a journey away from the stress of the day. Offering a varied menu of local mains and side dishes, the main item to stand out is the infamous laksa (it IS in the name after all, in case anyone is wondering)! With their secret inhouse blend of spices for the laksa soup base, they have elevated the aromatic taste of the dish to new levels of tastiness. For an added twist, customers are encouraged to add the pungent ‘otak udang’ sauce, which is a black paste made from prawn innards to give a special zest to the flavor. Adventurous customers can add some squeezed lime juice and fried onions to the soup, creating a memorable sensation that is hard to forget.

To bolster the delicious laksa, the menu also carries fried chicken meat rolls, more commonly known as the ‘lobak’, which compliments the laksa’s taste. The presence of a meaty dish gives the meal a hearty and filling feel, which may be lacking from just the laksa alone, as the sour-ish soup stimulates the appetite further as you enjoy your meal.

End your meal with a fine dessert, be it a ‘rojak’ or the infamous ABC, every day is a good day at Ah Cheng Laksa!

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