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For many Malaysians today, bread has become a special part of our diets, usually as a savory treat, or even as a simple meal. Bread Story in Sunway Pyramid has strived to meet the growing popularity of breads over the years. This has led to the creation of an exceptional range of buns, pastries and cakes that are unique and progressive in style, flavor and design to appease the eccentric taste buds of their customers. Utilizing well-honed traditional techniques whilst embracing modern technologies, Bread Story seeks to pioneer the path towards the perfect bread experience like no other. Breads, cookies, flavored spreads, and even specialized sandwiches can all be found in Bread Story, with variety being the extra spice to garnish each visit.

Bread Story’s pastries and confectionaries are freshly prepared each day to provide customers with the best quality products possible. From fragrant loafs, fluffy buns to sweet tarts and cookies, Bread Story is ever increasing their offerings to also include special seasonal treats to match the holidays. Gingerbread cookies, pineapple tarts and even mooncakes will grace their seasonal menu, which will only be available for a limited time. Long-time customers are usually on the look-out for these delicacies, which are quickly snapped up in a blink of the eye.

Local flavors have also become a source of inspiring flavors, with the introduction of their Nasi Lemak buns, Otak-otak rolls, and Kaya puffs to please the local connoisseurs. Beyond their core menu of freshly baked cakes and breads, Bread Story also serves a variety of coffee to complement the experience for customers who decide to dine-in. With so many different things to look forward to, don’t hold back and visit Bread Story in Sunway Pyramid today!

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