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Chevy Original

Bags aren't only an accessory, they've evolved into a wardrobe essential, and if you're looking for a specific style especially in shades of navy green, army patterns, or neutral colours, drop by Chevy Original at Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid! Most of the products offered at this outlet are made from either canvas material or leather, making them more durable and lasting, and giving it a more masculine appeal. You can decide on getting either the leather or canvas products depending on where you’re planning to use the bag. Going on a short hike with friends or for a family camping trip? You’ll definitely need baggage space to carry all your essentials, not to worry with their range of big canvas backpacks that have plenty of room and have multiple compartments to organise your stuff. These sturdy bags are ideal for these kind of trips, and the canvas material will help protect your items from any rainfall. Their leather bags look sophisticated and sharp, easily becoming your go-to bag for any casual day out. With a backpack you can keep your hands free and easy, convenient for carrying other things simultaneously. At Chevy Original you’ll even find satchels also available in leather and canvas, that look cool and are completely functional, and it’ll keep your belongings secure. One of the benefits of having the satchel is that you can easily reach inside and grab what you need without having to take off the bag unlike with a backpack. Otherwise, you could opt for a waist pouch, with the conveniences of both a satchel and backpack combined by keeping your hands-free and allowing you to retrieve your necessities easily. They also carry a range of card holders and wallets that’ll help you keep your cash and cards neatly organised so you don’t misplace them.

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