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Are you looking for a memorable, unique drink experience after the bubbletea sensation that swept the nation? Hailing from Japan, Chizu may become your next drink craze! Be ready for an interesting menu which combines frothy Japanese cheese with a growing variety of drinks from fragrant teas, rich chocolate and even fruit juices! The Cheese Teas come in 4 core flavors - Jasmine Green Tea, Premium Red Tea, Season Tea, and Japanese Roasted Oolong Tea. Depending on the season, Chizu will also introduce seasonal/promotional teas to spice up their menu. You can also choose the strength of the cheese foam to go with these teas, from a mild taste towards the super pungent cheese foam.

To maximize the cheesy goodness, Chizu even has a recommended set of steps on how best to savor your drinks. Just lift the flap and tilt the cup at a 45-degree angle, so that you can sip both the top cheese and bottom layers of your Chizu Drink at the same time. Regardless of which cheese drink you opt for, their cups are designed so that you can consume the drink without a straw, and you will find yourself having a cute little cheese foam mustache that is very Instagrammable. The blending tastes of the milky cheese and drink underlays creates a refreshingly new flavor that cheese lovers are bound to enjoy!

Asides from their drinks, Chizu also offers an assortment of cakes and tarts to relish as well, from blackcurrant delight to praline chocolate, and for the cheese enthusiast, even more cheesecakes to seal the cheesy deal. The available cake flavors are rotated fairly often, so customers can reasonably expect a different taste every time they visit!
To satisfy your cheesiest cravings, do give Chizu a try!

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