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Dragon-i Peking Duck

Inspired by the rich and diverse culinary offerings from China, especially from the regions of Shanghai, Szechuan, Beijing and Lanzhou, Dragon-i offers signature dishes such as Xiao Long Bao (Shanghainese steamed meat dumplings) and La Mian (hand-pulled noodles), traditional dishes proudly preserved by the Chinese over thousands of years. Each delicacy is prepared by highly-skilled chefs using the top quality ingredients to ensure authenticity in both presentation and taste. The name of the restaurant in Chinese, ‘LONG TI CHUAN REN’, is derived from a combination of phonetics and facts. Historically, the Chinese are referred to as the descendants of the Dragon (LONG), pronounced as the name of the restaurant. However, the strokes for the character ‘LONG’ represent that of the restaurant’s signature delicacy, the Xiao Long Bao. This is more than mere coincidence and aptly conveys the significance of serving authentic Chinese cuisine from ancient China.

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