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Food & Beverages

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Looking for a great tasting cold treat? We got you covered.

We are a home-grown brand that does gelato differently. We, the team behind Frost n Bites, shared a common goal to establish a new concept for a gelato store that would be loved by all. A goal to bring about a community. With that, we started Frost n Bites. A brand that serves gelato and so much more.

We have artisanal produced gelato, topped with an insanely delicious variety of sauces, custom made biscuits, crumbles and cream. Oh, did we mention about our very own in-house baked Brussels Waffles, Sourdough Waffles and Croffles (Croissant Waffles) served with our gelato and again, with those insanely delicious sauces & toppings? Talk about being on Cloud Nine.

For every celebration or special occasions, our newest addition of ice cream cakes would not disappoint you. Our signature cakes are crafted from scratch and has a variety of flavours to choose from. You want indulgence? Try out our over-the-top Freakscoops. It is layers of crumbs, cream, gelato, topped with cones, sometimes with a slice of cake or crispy bites like pretzels or chocolate sticks and drizzled with sauces – perfect for any cheat day indulgence!

We have reinvented gelato creations. All of Frost n Bites’ products are made from the best locally sourced ingredients and produce. It is fresh, flavourful, and the end results are a work of art. Frost n Bites works hard to offer customers the best products with the constant search for increasingly innovative solutions and creativity. This is why we have amazing new and modern flavours as well as our over-the-top creations to pique the interest of our discerning customers.
That’s all about us! We are Frost n Bites; we do things differently.

Enjoy our scoops of delight and our range of delicious bites!

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