Granny's Recipe

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Food & Beverages

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Granny's Recipe

When friends talk about economic food at Sunway Pyramid, Granny’s Recipe is one of the first places that would come to mind. Located at Asian Avenue, this cosy corner offers a wide range of dishes for you to choose from at an affordable price. The well marinated or fried meat would do nothing less than tantalise your taste buds, especially the salted egg coated pork you can never have enough of. You even have choices of fried or steamed eggs as well as omelets and different types of tofu to add to your food. You need not worry about not meeting your daily nutritional intake here with the balanced variety displayed. Being in an enclosed yet well-ventilated environment, hygiene is also very well maintained for an economy rice outlet as flies are almost non-existent and there are no dust and debris from the road entering the shop. What’s more, you can enjoy your mixed rice in a comfortably air-conditioned environment with complementary free water or Chinese tea along with the soup of the day. A unique aspect of Granny’s is their plate design. Instead of the flat, circular plate used by most eateries, their plates and even takeaway boxes have compartments for different dishes, rice and even an indentation where you could place your cup or soup bowl. Granny’s have different avenues of cashless payment including Maybank, Grabpay and Fave which come with 10% cashback. Their receipt are detailed to the point of breaking down the charges for individual dishes. So come on over to try out the quality mixed rice at Granny’s Recipe and you will leave with a full belly.

  • F1.AV.95, F1.AV.96, F1.AV.97 & F1.AV.98
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