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House of Samsonite

Whether it’s for a beach getaway, a trip to a bustling city, an adventure to explore nature, or simply a short business trip, you’re going to need the right luggage to bring along your essentials. Find the ultimate travel companion at House of Samsonite at Sunway Pyramid! The American luggage manufacturer and retailer produces an extensive range of products, ranging from large luggage to compact cabin bags. It’s always a challenge to try and squeeze all your belongings into one baggage, and it’s even worse when you realise you need extra room to store your shopping haul from your vacation. With the bags at Samsonite you won’t have to worry about such an issue. If you don’t require so much storage space, then a small cabin bag would suffice. Typically sized at 55cm, these cabin bags come in various colours and are usually available in either hardside or softside versions. Medium size luggages are available in a 60cm range while large luggage falls in the range of 75cm to 80cm in size. The brand encourages to travel smart with their innovative smart features using state-of-the-art technology, to offer security and convenience for a smooth journey ahead. Shop their Lite-Locked FL collection for a user-friendly TSA-approved combination lock that automatically pops open once numeric passcode has been accurately entered. Check out their Polygon collection with innovative easy brake systems, making it easy for your luggage to glide along on the ground silently and smoothly, without drifting thanks to the stopping function. Some of their luggage incorporates a built-in scale that is accurate and durable so that you won’t have to worry about your luggage exceeding weight limit, and even integrates double-layer anti-theft zips to keep your luggage secure. Taking security to another level, their radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking zipped pickets prevents information on credit cards and passport chips from being retrieved through scanners. Not only that, but to enhance convenience while travelling, the luggage is equipped with an external USB port for on-the-go charging!

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