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JC MEAL BOX is now available in Sunway Pyramid. JC MEAL BOX is the first shop in Malaysia that is selling meal box by using vending machines. The founders of JC MEAL BOX found that the workers in the Sunway Pyramid mall are spending a high amount for their daily food. Therefore, they decided to initiate JC MEAL BOX to form a blessing for the workers by pricing their meal box at a very affordable range of RM6-RM8 whilst maintaining the reputation of 3 stars restaurant standard of foods.

There are several flavors of meal boxes such as Thai Bangkok Tom Yum Goong Chicken rice, Salted Egg Chicken rice, Mango Sauce Chicken rice, Black Pepper Chicken rice, Marmite Chicken rice, Thai Sauce Chicken rice, Kung Pao Chicken rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken rice, and BBQ Sauce Chicken rice. Besides, they are also selling some beverages like Ipoh White Coffee and lime juice with only RM2.

Their signatures are actually the Salted Egg Sauce and also the Thai Bangkok Tom Yum Goong. The sauces are actually made from the real ingredients. For instance, Salted Egg Sauce is actually made from the real salted egg yolk but not from the instant salted egg powder. In addition, the Thai Bangkok Tom Yum Goong tastes exactly like the Tom Yam Goong in Bangkok as it originates from Bangkok Chef’s recipe.

Many people thought the meal boxes can only be eaten after heating up using an oven. But guess what, the meal boxes are actually kept warm in the machines, which means people can eat immediately after buying it from the vending machines. So, what are you waiting for? Come and try it out!

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