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佐敦冰室创立于2020年, 是一家不只做正宗传统的港式美食, 同时也致力于把传统和创新揉合起来的港式餐厅。 我们以弘揚传统的港式 餐厅文化為基础,开发特色菜着为目标。 而这一切都由拥有25年经验的港式餐厅师 傅以专业脫俗的廚艺去打造出各类不同 形式且独具匠心的港式美食带给大家。

佐敦冰室秉承「优质食品和服务」的原则, 由选料过程到烹饪方法都极尽心思, 配合热诚体贴的服務, 处处「以客为本,精益求精」, 势必时刻让顾客享受优质创新的饮食体验。

Founded in 2020, Jordan Hong Kong Restaurant is a Hong Kong-style restaurant that not only serves authentic traditional Hong Kong-style cuisine, but is also committed to combining tradition and innovation. We aim to develop special dishes based on the traditional Hong Kong restaurant culture and basis. And all of this is brought to you by the Hong Kong-style restaurant chefs with 25 years of experience who use professional and custom culinary art to create various types of unique Hong Kong style cuisine of personal ingenuity. Jordan Hong Kong Restaurant adheres to the principle of "quality food and service". Full of dedication from the selection process to the cooking method, coupled with enthusiasm and considerate service.

Always be "customer-oriented, and excellence", it is bound to allow customers enjoy high-quality and innovative dining experience at 
all times.

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