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LEGO (Pop-Up)

Whether you are a Lego enthusiast or are simply attracted by the colourful spectrum of finely made bricks, stepping into the store may inspire the creative side of your mind to put your building skills to good use. Lego offers the chance of constant discovery – the possibility of creating something new every time. Not only is Lego fun with the wonders of what you are able to make but it also emphasizes learning for children when they put things together, take them apart and putting them back together again in various ways. It is one of the best catalysts of sparking and expanding their imagination while having lots of fun.
Browse the store for your favourite Lego series to add up to your collection! From Minifigures to thematic sets, you can complete your own Lego universe any way you want. The intricately designed Lego sets will astound you with the level of detail such as the Star Wars Death Star box set which has over 3800 pieces used to construct the space station while also including the entire cast of Star Wars characters so you could reenact your favourite scenes from the movie. There is also The Simpsons box set and not to mention, the Creator series which is specially designed for imaginative minds, allowing you to design and recreate your set in 3 different ways.
Lego’s Pick a Brick also allows you to purchase your own personal bricks which come in many colours and sizes for your own personal projects

  • between LG1.70A & LG1.128A
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