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Reputable as one of the leading creators of bespoke jewellery, Love & Co. has been uniting unparalleled craftsmanship with modern interpretations of the perfect ring – a symbol of an everlasting union. Love & Co. in Sunway Pyramid presents an extensive collection of wedding bands and diamond solitaires to delicately entwine the hearts of lovely couples for eternity. Whether you’re looking for a pair of timeless wedding bands, or you’re selecting that perfect diamond engagement ring for the love of your life, the brand’s romantic jewellery is crafted with precision and dedication to last you forever. Their selection of Diamond jewellery consists of their Lovemarque and LVC Precieux collections. Love & Co promises that each of their Lovemarque diamond is responsibly sourced and delicately crafted, achieving the “Ultimate” grade of light performance in all four parameters: Brilliance (the intense bright light that shines from the diamond), Sparkle (dramatic flashes that occurs with movement of the diamond), Fire (vivid rainbow-like colours that are emitter from the diamond) and Light Symmetry (equal distribution of light reflected from the diamond). Under their LVC Precieux, you’ll find exquisite lab grown diamonds that are chemically, physically and optically identical to naturally-mined diamonds. The only difference is that it is created by state-of-the-art technology to replicate the diamond growing process. These diamonds variate in colour and clarity, and are graded on the exact same criteria as natural diamonds. Cut to perfection, less expensive than natural diamonds, are more environmentally-friendly, these labs grown diamonds are still as pure as the top 2% of the world’s mined diamonds. Offering a range of exclusive wedding band collections, - LVC Aqueen, LVC Classique, LVC Desirio, LVC Eterno, LVC Noeud, LVC Poesie, LVC Promise, LVC Purete and LVC Soleiil – Love & Co. is always here to help you and your loved one make a romantic declaration of your love through a style that best fits you. They also offer an alluring treasury of jewellery that can be gifted for special occasions in their LVC Charmes collection: Love Story locket pendants, Petit Bear pendants, Love Note pendants, Mini Ring pendants, and Ribbon pendants.

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