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We take care your feet from inside out!
Medifeet creates super-cushioning, conforming, and comfortable shoes with varying medical, therapeutic, corrective, protective, user-friendly, and supportive features built-in or inserted-in to fix all foot problems. Medifeet started-out humbly with only dealers and no retail shops but in just over 5 years they have grown to 34 branches throughout Malaysia, including in Sunway Pyramid.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts MEDIFEET as a high technology designed to feel like clouds—soft, ultralite, swaddling your feet like baby and it all begins right beneath your feet.

Our footbeds and shoe designs are carefully engineered using the finest materials like high-grade memory padding, contoured orthotic systems to create a cushion that molds to your feet and absorbs the shock of all those steps you’re taking. They’re anatomically shaped to help spread weight evenly for a comfortable stride, and in many cases, our footbeds are even removable specially made for diabetics. Just replace with a new one or a custom orthotic to kick up the walkability of your MEDIFEET in seconds.

Taking care of your feet is our priority, as we know FEET IS OUR SECOND HEART!

Medifeet emphasizes on building-in health and comfort components into health shoes while maintaining the beauty aspect. Upon working closely with their podiatrist, Medifeet has their very own creation, the innovative Orthotic System, which when used with our readymade range helps make the semi-custom-made range possible.

The Orthotic System comprises insole support built-ins according to individual needs such as their built-in with arch support for solving flat feet problems. Their Spine Guard using Japanese technology and 3-point support built-in inside shoes are examples of their other 6-7 technologies.

Competitors claim their products are similar to Medifeet but really can’t match its technological innovation, creativity, and quality.

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