In 2006, Mr. Wong discovered trend and rising demand of comfortable insoles in Hong Kong. Curious about why would anyone purchase insoles, he began to journey to understand more on shoes and leg pain problems. During abroad, he obtained the principle of bio-dynamics, helping him to further understand insoles and their purpose. He began trying different insoles on himself.

After 6 months, he realized that his own knee problems have improved. Since then, he decided to venture into the making of insole business – MyFeet. He imported digital scanning machines from Korea to analyse customers feet problems and custom made insoles that solve their feet problems. After many years of analysing, feet problems can be categorized into a flat arch, high arch, bowleg, knock knee, overpronation, and supination. These problems will lead to an imbalance of body biodynamics, causing stress on the rest of the body such as foot pain, knee pain, and back pain.

Mr. Wong created MyFeet to help more people to solve pains caused by the feet. The sandals in MyFeet Sunway Pyramid are carefully engineered using the finest materials like high-grade memory foam, shaped and moulded to fit each wearer feet condition. All our sandals are shaped to help spread weight evenly for a comfortable walk and bring back balance to the body biodynamics.

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