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The first authorized Nokia premium reseller store in Malaysia planted its roots in Sunway Pyramid’s first floor Orange zone and Malaysians who remember the brand itself being at the climax of its popularity in the 2000s are no doubt still deeply in love with it for bringing back nostalgic moments of their childhood and teenage memories as the first mobile phone brand they owned. Despite not occupying a big space, the establishment of this outlet once again brings Nokia devices closer to buyers, not hidden somewhere in the back shelves of some operator store or even not displayed at all.

Among the models showcased are some of their new Android smartphones, from Nokia 3 to Nokia 6 and even Nokia 3310. The first two models have a modern design alike other smartphones while the Nokia 3310 brings back the classic Nokia phone with long battery life, button keypads and the classic Snake game. However, it still retains necessary updates from its predecessor such as coloured display, a 2MP rear camera and a microSD slot. It is the mark of the phrase old but gold as developers still know what users miss most from the originals. Come visit this outlet to have a chance to test out and play with the new Nokia smartphones!

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