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Old Nanyang Coffee

Nanyang is the old name for Southeast Asia. Since the end of the Ming Dynasty, due to the war and poverty, Fujian and Guangdong, mainly people, have drifted across the sea to the south for their livelihood. Malaysia is one of the important destinations for Chinese migration. Its cuisine is generally seasoned with curry, SAMBAL, ASAM and winter spices, with sour and spicy flavours and bright and rich colours. Most of the ingredients are cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks, fish and shrimps. The arrival of the Chinese had added a new demeanour to Malay cuisine, Cantonese morning tea, Cantonese pastries, Wenchang Hainan Chicken Rice… With food as the coordinates, it has witnessed the change of history and culture, creating a special memory of the times. We want to add innovative flavours to the traditional food and Malaysian-friendly styles in the old Nanyang Ocean, which will bring the public a brand-new visual and taste buff food experience and satisfaction. Old Nanyang Coffee is now available in Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid.

  • F1.AV.177 - 181 & F1.AV.193
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