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TK 1970

TK Bakery was originally named as 'Tong Kee Brothers Buns and Dim Sum' in the early 50s. With the progress of time, we revamped our business and later renamed it to Tong Kee Brothers Confectionery. Mainly producing egg tarts, buns, chicken pies and mooncakes, Its brand popularity started to spread like wildfire ever since, and its egg tarts had won many hearts throughout the country.

Despite the changes Tong Kee underwent throughout the years, it is symbolic of preserving its traditional taste without being stagnant or lacking due to vast modernization. Its brand was revamped to suit the newer generation while maintaining the loyalty among its existing customers. In 2022, TK Bakery wish to set foot in Sunway Pyramid to cater sweet savory pastries and bakes to fast-paced traffic in the mall, hence it had extended a new line of F&B business by naming itself TK1970, aiming to focus in bringing traditional bakes as well as Omega Egg Tarts.

TK 1970’s unique treat lies in its Omega Egg Tarts. With customer satisfaction in mind, we continuously look towards creating the best recipe most suited to provide an out-of-this-world sensational experience. And after countless taste-testing and experiments, we’ve come up with the Omega Egg Tarts that were made specifically with Omega eggs. The creation resulted in the perfect blend of taste we had been looking for. The Omega Egg Tarts became more flavourful, fragrant, and smoother compared to the ordinary eggs that were used in the past. With that, our brand TK 1970 is well-known for its simplicity and delicate pastries.

‘’Authentic Craftsmanship, Non-stop Exploring’’
Every craftsman works as a team to provide high quality bakes and pastries. TK 1970 had upgraded its product by bringing in more texture and flavours to its traditional bakes. Fresh pastries were handmade by experienced craftsmen daily to maintain their taste and texture. Quality control is impeccably strict to ensure all aspects such as food taste, colour, shape, display, and cleanliness are guaranteed to meet standards. It might seem simple to make, but it takes passion, sincerity and experience to make a good Omega egg tart.

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