Headquartered in the city of Manresa, the province of Barcelona, Spain, TOUS is a world-famous brand that specializes primarily in high-class jewelry, but also offers a delectable slice of stylish, exclusive watches, chic handbags and a wide array of top-quality accessories. With a truly impressive hands-on experience spanning nearly a century, the highly successful and popular jewelry brand has earned the reputation for designing one-of-a-kind, lavishly sophisticated and exuberantly fascinating pieces of jewelry that are powerfully personal and generously accessible.

The Spanish jewelry brand offers discerning customers an exclusive and varied selection of top-class, modern and chic jewelry that allows them to distinctively indulge in expressing elegantly their sophistication, refinement and Exquisite taste without breaking the bank. Endorsed by A-list celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, (who endorses the " Sweet Dolls" collection) " the brand's captivating collections of the finest jewelry, watches and handbags enjoy unrivaled popularity and success among people of all ages, thanks to the brand's use of top-quality materials, amazing creativity and exquisite craftsmanship.

At TOUS Sunway Pyramid, each collection was designed to match your unique style. With The Alphabet jewelry, customize your own creation and write your history with rose-gold, gold or silver letter pendants paired with chains for a thoughtful gift. To celebrate TOUS’ centenary, one of our most iconic classics: explore the the Mesh collection jewelry, with its characteristic mesh texture, reinvented using natural gemstones. For special nights, don a vibrant, jet-black gemstone from the Onyx collection which makes jewelry seductive and trendy.

Simple and delicate, the Minne collection pays homage to the classic medallion designed by TOUS in 1972. With the Hold collection, imagine and create your favourite jewelry by layering, combining and stacking various elements for your personalized look.

Mesh together the perfect gift for any occasion, only at TOUS!

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