Comfort Seoul Food @ DubuYo!

04 Apr 2017



Craving for some comfort Korean food? Head on over to DubuYo and refresh your Seoul (soul)!

Making its mark in Malaysia for almost 6 years, DubuYo serves up a variety of urban Korean cuisine, from Soondubu Jigae to Dak Galbi and Dol Sot Bibimbap.

DubuYo only uses halal-certified meats, freshly made to order from their kitchen. Banchan (side dishes) are free flow* so you can feast on kimchi to your heart’s content!

*Not applicable for weekday lunch sets and other promotional items.

We kicked off our DubuYo experience with a bowl of Spicy Seafood Ramyeon, infused with a myriad of seafood goodness like prawns, clams, and seaweed. If you like it hot, request some extra chili powder from the friendly staff!

Next, we crunched into a gigantic bowl of Heoni Beoteo Bap (Honey Butter Rice Bowl), served with DubuYo multi-grain rice, shredded carrots, cucumber, and a cheerful sunny-side-up egg.

According to DubuYo, this particular menu item won the ‘Crowd Favourite’ vote!

A close runner-up – the Dakgangjeong Bap, features the same crunchy chicken with a spicy sauce. Our secret tip: Do mix the chicken and sauce with the rice and vegetables before eating to distribute the sauce evenly for the best taste!

For beef lovers – try DubuYo’s Honey Garlic Bulgogi Beef, featuring a large serving of stir-fried beef, mixed vegetables, and a runny egg!

For more seafood goodness, dig into the Seafood Kimchi Soondubu Jigae – kimchi seafood soup with loads of nutritious tofu. DubuYo’s Spicy Toppokki is a staple for Korean street food fans, made with a generous serving of fish cake, egg, and toppokki (rice cakes), topped with a sweet and mildly spicy Korean sauce.

Fancy some Pa-Jeon (Korean Pancake)? We like how DubuYo doesn’t skimp on ingredients. Their Pa-Jeon is rich and fluffy, made with fragrant chives, prawns, eggs, carrots and topped with sesame seeds.

Another street food must-try would be DubuYo’s Maandu – pan-friend dumplings stuffed with chicken, chives, garlic and onion. Dip them into the soy and sesame oil sauce for a kick of flavour!

For drinks, we recommend a glass of cold, refreshing Shikye (Traditional Korean Rice Punch) to complete your Korean experience. If you prefer something citrus-y, the Citron Tea is right up your alley, infused with fresh Citron rinds. For traditional tea lovers, you can opt for a cup of healthy, traditional Roasted Barley Tea.

Locate DubuYo at LG2.92!

For their full menu, check out DubuYo’s official website.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,


+60 3-7494 3100