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Back in 2000, a woman with no business experience - but unlimited passion and family support - opened her first juice bar in Adelaide. The idea was brilliantly simple: make healthy living both tasty and fun. That woman was Australian adventurer and entrepreneur Janine Allis and expanded her business to many countries. This made Soraya became a fan of Australian brand Boost Juice and its iconic Smoothies & Juices when she lived and worked in Melbourne. She explained in her own words, “I believed the time was right to bring Boost to Malaysia. Malaysian customers are now opting for healthier, fresh alternatives and I wanted to contribute to a healthier Malaysia”.
To Soraya, it was never just about making money. All she wanted is to give something back to Malaysian society through charities, create jobs help create the next generation of Malaysian entrepreneurs and prove that Malaysian women could make successful entrepreneurs. Her courage and entrepreneurial spirit have been vindicated as since opening the first store in June 2009. Since then, Soraya has expanded Boost to more than 125 stores in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. Boost Juice is all about loving life which is part of their mantra. It infuses everything they do. As they continue to innovate and grow in not only changing the world, but also to make customers feel just that little bit better.
With that said, Sunway Pyramid is happy to have Boost Juice joining in to promote healthy smoothies to everyone. It allows them to help people eat more fruit and veg by making them taste great, that’s fantastic. Not only that, they also want to share their energy, passion and ‘love life’ ethos through an inspirational in-store experience

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