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Food & Beverages

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Texas Chicken

Texas Chicken was founded by George W. Church, Sr. and the first shop opened in downtown San Antonio, Texas in 1952. The shop was named “Chrunch’s Fried Chicken-To-Go" and their lovable mascot was known as Churchie™. After the passing of the founder, his son had taken over the company and expanded to more than 100 restaurants, became a public company and established the Church’s® Headquarter in San Antonio, Texas during the 1960’s. Fastforward to this day, Church’s® has over 60 years of serving the best quality of fried chicken globally and still counting. Since its first shop opened in Malaysia during 2013 with the brand named "Texas Chicken", it not only served the original chicken but also has other tasteful goodies! For example, the chicken tenders are big, crunchy and juicy –be it spicy or original. Children surely loves nuggets that are full of crisp. Besides that, they have Mexicana Burger and Wrap to go. That’s not all, their sides are not to be miss. The Honey-Butter Biscuits were made from scratch daily and drizzled with honey butter the second they come out of the oven –crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside. French fries that are thick and crispy –the best combination with their chicken, burgers or wraps. For those that wants to try something new, order their Jalapeño Bombers which are crispy on the outside yet smooth and soft inside. Other than that, there’s also fresh creamy coleslaw and warm smooth mashed potatoes that compliment your meal. Wants something warm? Try out their porridge that is freshly cooked with tender chicken chunks. To finish off your meal, there are desserts for you such as shortcake drizzled with sweet strawberries or indulgent chocolate, sundae, chocolate volcano and vanilla soft serve ice-cream cone. Hurry to Texas Chicken, it’s crunch time!™

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