What is travel? Walking back and forth between extraordinary and daily, between city and nature. EICHITOO offers new choices for ladies who travel for vacation, daily life, and business trips. EICHITOO brings energetic and comfortable designs that can make you feel the warmth of your trip so, when you return and listen back to the voice of a heart filled with memories, you will feel more loved.

Originally from China, EICHITOO is now available at Sunway Pyramid! Founded in 2010, EICHITOO is a fashion-forward collection that is geared towards fashion and casual wear with design, purchase and sales segments tightly linked. By the end of 2016, it already has 625 stores in China. EICHITOO has an enormous impact on the fashion industry by infusing cultural aesthetic elements into modern fashion to create a distinctive fashion trend. The products are divided into three series: urban life, urban office and urban fashion. EICHITOO mainly focuses on fashion and style for modern women in cities. This helps them to redecorate their closets with fashion pieces from daily wear in casual or chic style to elegant and timeless office wear. EICHITOO is stylish yet subtle, simple yet refined, chic yet infused with a classical touch. Under the value price quality and service, EICHITOO with its urban elegance, popular colour and unique design has won the favour and pursuit of the majority of modern lady.

The target customer base of EICHITOO are females aged 18-35. The products mainly include sweaters, dresses, skirts, T-shirts, casual pants, etc. Every piece comes with a streamlined design that pays great attention to the smallest detail. The designer blends exquisite style with design that is inspired by urban life and fashion trends, and proposes the aesthetic concept of “Let design return to the
origin of life”. Its urban elegance and clean design capture the beauty of each lady's body, making them more confident and elegant. EICHITOO also offers accessories to compliment stylish outfits. Its high quality and modern design can fully meet a woman’s demands when it comes to fashion.

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