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Future Land

A haven for VR fans, Future Land at Sunway Pyramid promises lots of fun and entertainment for the whole family with attractions and Virtual Reality experiences in all shapes and sizes! Using modern-day technology and sophisticated equipment, some of the notable attractions include the 360 Flight and ExoJet simulators, Mirror Maze, VR Hero, 6D Cinema, VR Car simulator. Future Land is perfect for a fun-filled weekend with the family or when you wish to add more thrill to your children's school holiday.

The 6 seater VR Family takes you on an adventure with special sound effects and movements suited for all ages. Select your VR movie with a choice of "adventure, horror or explore" where family with kids as young as 3 years old may opt for the explore story while adults may try out the horror mode. The VR Car Simulator gives you the experience of driving round a racing track where any accidents or impacts would be transmitted physically to the driver within a controlled system. Wish to take driving on-ground up into the air? The Flight Simulator 360 fits you right into a pilot's cabin where you will be manoeuvring a fighter jet. This ride is however suitable for kids above 9 years old as it rotates 360 degrees. On the other hand, the EXO Jet Simulator has 2 seats whereby one person may act as the pilot and the other the shooter. A perfect father and son or couple bonding time wouldn't you say? Another must to check-out is the VR Skateboard where there are 200 stunts to master as you skate, surf and swing from tall buildings. Tired or need a break before resuming the fun? Future Land also has a zone where you could enjoy snacks and drinks while relaxing on bean bags.

What other better place than Future Land at Sunway Pyramid to bring your kid for their birthday outing or host a team-building activity for your company.

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