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The 1st Ramyun was introduced in Korea on year 1963. Han Bun Sik 한분식 restaurant is now available at Sunway Pyramid. Han Bun Sik 한분식 Restaurant has been established in April 2019 to give a new impression of Korean cuisine and drinks in Malaysia. Han Bun Sik 한분식 Restaurant serves the best ways for people to enjoy Korean Ramyun at an affordable price and to taste the original traditional Ramyun. We aim to give off an utmost satisfaction when it comes to experiencing Korean food and beverage in a casual manner while customers can enjoy the colourful vibe of the restaurants and taste the original than you may have not tried at typical Korean restaurants in Malaysia.

Korean Cuisine in most ethnic groups in the world have developed their own food culture to suit their unique history and climate. Geographically, Korea is a peninsula that stretches southward from Northeast Asia. The land is very mountainous (70% of the country), which has made natural borders between different regions, each of which has developed a unique local culture including food. In addition, Korea's four distinct seasons have influenced what and how Koreans eat. There are many Korean proverbs related to food. This is probably due to the great variety of local Korean dishes. For instance, there are over 100 different types of "Kimchi", which has become well known around the world.

Korean seasonings is the most important aspect when it comes to making Korean food. Proper seasoning requires elaborate skills and devotion that Koreans refer to as "hand seasoning". Seasonings are used to improve the taste and aroma of food. However, Koreans are also concerned about the harmony of the five tastes (spicy, bitter, sweet, sour and salty) according to the classical Oriental theory of the five elements. Combinations of seasonings produce complex tastes. Koreans use spices not only for their taste but also for health reasons. Koreans believe that food should be harmonized with natural spices.

Now we are available in Sunway Pyramid, this is great time for everyone to try the best Original Ramyun taste from Han Bun Sik. You will like the original taste!

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