Zen House Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant

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Zen House Japanese Vegetarian Restaurant

Zen House specialized in Japanese Vegetarian cuisine with a menu created from the mixture of both vegan and the rich culture of Japan. The brand had redefined vegetarian cuisine by experimenting with original flavour and modern techniques, which is a blend of nature and flavoursome. Japanese cuisine is no stranger in Malaysia due to its distinctive tastes, attractive food presentations, and abundance of health benefits. In particular, the Japanese white rice was one of the key factor in contributing to overall health and longevity among the Japanese. The fact that Japanese rice contains a number of well-balanced of nutritional elements such as vegetable protein, dietary fibre, and low in calories. Thus, Japanese white rice being a staple food and pairing with other vegan dishes could promote overall health.
In Zen House, you must try out the Zen signature dishes curated just for you -Volcano Maki, Sashimi Moriawase, Omakase Moriawase, Cheese Shitake, and Zen House special salad. Besides, Zen House has the most creative Japanese vegan menu you can choose from: Appetizers, Salad, Temaki, Makimono, Hosomaki, Nigiri Sushi, Sushi Moriawase, Sashimi, Yakimono, Tempura, Nabemono, Noodles, Donmono, Teppanyaki, and Bento Sets.
As the brand had influenced by the culture of Japan, various vegan ingredients had been used to create a well-balanced Japanese diet. For example, Soba noodles are made up from buckwheat flour and offers beneficial manganese and gluten-free. On the other hand, Udon noodles are made up from thick wheat flour which promote healthy functioning of body cells and enzymes. Both Soba and Udon noodles are ideal for those opting for calorie-conscious diet. Furthermore, those who prefer crunchy texture should try out the wide choices of Vegetable tempura. It is a traditional Japanese style of cooking by deep-frying vegetables coated with light and eggless batter. Another dish that you shouldn’t miss out trying is the Vegan sashimi. The creative fusion of vegetables and other organic ingredients bring out the actual taste of fresh sashimi. Look no further for a healthy and flavourful meal here at Zen House Japanese Vegetarian in Sunway Pyramid.

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