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MEIKO is a leading brand name by Goldlife Marketing Sdn Bhd, a budding Malaysian company that specializes in healthcare products since 2007. Over the years, MEIKO had received numerous prestigious awards and recognition such as the 2018 Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards, the 2014 International Corporate Award International Brand, the 2015 SME 100 Awards - Fast Moving Companies, and others for their continuous effort and innovation to ensure Meiko consistently deliver the best quality product and service to their consumers.

Our golden years can be more than just survival where we deserve to live our life confidently and flexibly. The tagline “Moving life” portrays that Meiko helps people to continue moving actively to anywhere and do anything at any time they wish, enabling them to create new memories and enjoy meaningful lives even in their old age, rather than fear of disability during old age.

As a Joint Care specialist brand in the healthcare industry, Meiko launched the 4 Treasures of Joints product series ambassador by Malaysian DJ, Chan Fong, to help the community prevent and release joint pain issues. Besides, Meiko also has Detoxing, Rejuvenation, and Restoration supplements that complement the community’s needs to maintain their general health. Meiko’s product is carefully created with Japanese technology and expertise to strengthen people’s bodies and sharpen their minds so they can spend the rest of their years with flexibility, energy, and joy.

Meiko emphasizes “Trial Before Purchase with Expert Consultation” in its customer purchase experience. Thus, nutritionists will only recommend suitable products based on the health report.
Your Health, Family Wealth. Thus, book your health check appointment with Meiko’s healthcare specialist now @ LG 2-130

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