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SHABU-YO is now open at Sunway Pyramid. We are an all-you-can-eat “Shabu-Shabu'' and “Sukiyaki” restaurant with 270 restaurants in Japan and 20 restaurants in Taiwan. Our mother company, SKYLARK, is one of the largest restaurant chains in Japan, with over 3,000 restaurants in all around Japan and Taiwan.

SHABU-YO started to make shabu-shabu, which is considered a luxury dish, to be more accessible to everyone. Today, we would like to invite Malaysians to try authentic Japanese shabu-shabu, with our first opening in 2020. By utilizing our knowledge and purchasing strengths from SKYLARK Group, we are able to provide you with authentic Japanese shabu-shabu at affordable prices.

Our meats and vegetables are freshly cut and served daily in our store. More than 20 types of vegetables are kept fresh in a special showcase (buffet bar) that purifies everything with clean and sterilized water. At our sauce bar, you can find more than 30 kinds of condiments and sauces. Each customer can freely mix and match both authentic Japanese and Malaysian flavors. Let’s try different combinations to discover your favorite!

Our homemade Japanese-style curry, fried chicken (Karaage), and children's all-time favorite french fries are popular side dishes. Other go-to dishes such as rice, noodles, and pickles are also provided.

After meals, we also offer desserts such as DIY waffles, soft serve, and ice kacang, Finally, you can end your meal with some freshly brewed coffee.
SHABU-YO is the perfect place for Sunway Pyramid’s diverse crowd, as the customers have the freedom to enjoy all the food in whatever combination and for as long as they want.
If you have any questions about our recommendations, sauce combinations, or the Japanese way of eating, please feel free to ask our staff! Our friendly staff will do their best to answer your questions.

Please visit our store with your family and friends - enjoy our comfortable modern Japanese décor, experience our genuine Japanese quality and service. Even for those who prefer to dine alone, you are welcome as well!

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