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With Sunway Pyramid housing the largest branch of TGV cinemas since its advent in 1994, countless moviegoers have came and left with memories of a special day out. From blockbuster movies that keep you at the edge of your seat to intimate romance-comedies that make your heart flutter, TGV’s diverse range of entertainment means there’s something for everyone.

Come for a regular movie screening or dive into the more immersive IMAX experience where the theatre is custom-designed to deliver the ultimate audio and visual experience. The unique design of the screen which spans wall-to-wall and floor-to ceiling is also curved in a way that it brings the audience closer while placing them in the center of the action regardless of where you are seated. What's more, the surround sound system with strategically placed speakers around the hall changes the way the sound travels throughout the room. With every loudspeaker laser-aligned to accurately channel soundwaves to the audience, nothing could beat this ultimate audio experience. Looking for a more comfortable seat for your viewing pleasure? TGV Beanie offers comfortable two-seater bean bag sofas with adjustable seating positions so you can get as cozy as possible while you enjoy the movie. One more reason to visit TGV at Sunway Pyramid is to try out the TGV Luxe with plush red velvet seats that gives the viewer an elevated position. Adding to the comfort are the extra wide armrests and custom-made individual tables where you can place your food and drinks.

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